The Design Museum Trip!

I am not really fond of visiting Museums, I just really went whenever we had School trips, but this was the best Museum I have ever seen and it was really related to me I feel. I will explain why I felt it was related to me as I write my blog.

My first thought of The Design Museum as we entered was not very interested but as I saw the innovative ideas around me and the crowd of people, I felt like there was something I yet did not know about.

I learnt so much and we did not want to leave at all especially me I really wanted to buy something but the things I liked were kind of expensive aha!

What I have learnt that nothing is impossible! Any idea is doable and you do not need a new idea to be successful you can redesign a product or service. Anyway, we had a small task to do when visiting the Museum. It was to pick the top three designs we liked as a group and create a presentation to talk about with our classmates. As well as giving reason to why and how might we questions.

We selected three designs that were health related:

Elvie Breast Pump

The Elvie Breast pump is designed for mothers. It solves many issues one of the main one is breast feeding in public places. Other areas it solves is that there is no noise, its wireless and cordless. The mother would not need to change her clothes to fit the pump. It is different as it is smart technology to address difficulties of breast feeding in public places which has an yy to use to track and check. There are variety of specifications such as its silent, wearable, tracks pump history and milk volume.

Lia Pregnancy Test

The Lia Pregnancy Test is designed for pregnant women. It is environmentally friendly and holistic, flushable and discreet 0% plastic. The designed has not been changed in the past for 30 years. In previous pregnancy test they were 100% plastic and one million kilograms of nonarable waste in US landfill. This design makes pregnancy much more private and as it is flushable its not visible when thrown away. The cost is less than the other pregnancy tests too.  

Raptor Hand

The Raptor Hands is designed for people who are unable to afford high priced artificial limbs and for children who are physically impaired. The customable design makes its low cost and used by 3D printing.

Raptor Hand

When presenting in front of the group and watching other groups present there was something, I really liked was the Alter Ego which is something that would be great for my disabled brother who has cerebral palsy. The Alter Ego is a device which is put on the ear and touched to the chin and it’s kind of like google and Alexa but you just have to think it and not say the question.  

Overall the experience was great and would love to go to The Design Museum again!

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