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A Hackathon with Surrey County Council

“We should all dream, share our dreams, then go out and make them happen”

— Richard Branson

Beginning with the course we were set a task before any of the modules even started, which at first made me feel quite nervous. The induction week turned out to be very interesting not only did we receive information about our modules but we were given fun activities; one in which me and my classmate won a box of galaxy chocolate hmm yum!

We did a Hackathon with Surrey County Council, the session was for two days and the task was to work in groups, something I have always enjoyed is team work. I believe when working in a team it is important to have good communication skills as well as empathy and involving all the team members to achieve the same goals. Working in a group not only helped me to build up my confidence, but also decreased my fear of starting a postgraduate course.

 The first step of the task set was to work in groups and firstly create a persona which was quite fun as each group created different personas. In my team we worked well as we had many thoughts and ideas that were shared.

The second stage of the task was to identify the problems that may be faced in the community by the persona we had created. These problems could be anything from depression, loneliness or even being unemployed. When we had the problems listed, we were then asked to give solutions and again this could be volunteering for example.

The third stage of this project was to create either a product or service, we created a service which we had then presented to the Surrey County Council and they had given suggestions for us to improve our idea as well. This stage was really important as we had to make sure we listened carefully and noted their suggestions.

The final stage was to create a poster which we had used to pitch our presentation on the final day. At first, I felt quite nervous before pitching our presentation, but as we started speaking to the members of Surrey County Council, it turned out to be quite fun and a great experience. We had to repeat our pitch as we presented to different people, by repeating our pitch I feel we became more and more confident. We were able to answer the questions in a fluent manner. I mean practice helps a lot and makes it easy to pitch/ present, I guess. Planning our pitch really helped us because we took turns to speak and everyone knew when to speak.

Overall the experience was great not only had I made new friends from different backgrounds but also a good learning experience to begin the course with.

Looking back to one of my favourite quotes as shown above by Richard Branson. Sharing our dreams or even ideas is something we should always do, whether is making a difference to the community or fulfilling your dream.

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